4) Conclusions

Developing conclusions and strategies process.

A summary of the conclusions per chapter can be found under 4.1,  >> 4.1

The conclusions from all explorations together , when sufficient in amount, will provide the clues for how to organize and manage the built environment to stay and maintain within the CO2 limits. As such it will provide a point at the horizon to aim for, which can be used to analyse on how to act to establish that situation. For this we will (later) use the backcasting approach.

the process can be illustrated by the backcasting approach:

The moment when the targets and directions are known form these explorations, the work can start to analyse how to get there , and is the moment when policies, technologies and economy will enter this analyses  again. to define the route, and develop a road map. 

Summary of joint findings

As argued: to be developed  later, when more essays/explorations are collected

overall conclusions & recommendations

This can be found in a later stage under 4.2 >> 4.2


carbon budgets explored