1.3 Guidelines CO2 explorations

Contributions to this compendium,  should comply (with some freedom of interpretation) , with the following guidelines:

1 The Carbon Countdown project follows the clock at the Guardian website, based on scientific papers. That implies: currently there is 792 Gtonnes of CO2-e left , before 2(!) degrees is out of sight.

For all explorations: this is the given maximum limit. All contributions should relate to this number : How to stay within that budget, whatever you plan to do.

2 global population rises to 10 billion, from 7,2 now. For the next 35 years on average there will be 8,5 billion people around, which is what we use for projections over decades.

3 When calculating a CO2 budget for your sector, country, or per capita, we assume a fair share for everyone in the world: so the Carbon budget divided by the global population. If you wish to use another distribution, you have to motivate this. To come to a sector budget, use the same distribution over sectors as currently customary.

4 the explorations are not about solutions directly , but about exploring the Carbon budget left and what can be done with that. The solutions come in a next phase: how to deal with a limited budget , which solutions fit.

5 these are not direct political or economical explorations! : its Carbon/CO2 exploration, which later can be translated into -adapted- proposed political or economical pathways.

carbon budgets explored