1) CO2 & built environment

<800 Gt CO2-e

is the maximum global CO2 budget left to stay below 2 degrees of Global Warming   (>> background and >>countdown clock )

What are the consequences for buildings, the built environment and their inhabitants?   Central question is what can be done and for how, long with a (partial) CO2 budget for the built environment? Providing

a collection of expert views and explorations,
into different sectors of the built environment.(>>see chapters , right column)

Its an initiative from academics united under the NGO iiSBE:
international initiative Sustainable Built Environment. (>> About)

You will find an introduction explaining the Carbon Budget, a introduction explaining the starting points for the explorations, as well as the essays written by experts/academics. (Chapter 3)

There is a separate conclusion sector, that will draw conclusions from the growing amount of input.

carbon budgets explored