1) CO2 & built environment

This website and the report was the result of a cooperation between a few colleagues exploring a absolute carbon budget for building and  buildings  , and resulted in a report presented in a side session at COP 22 in Marrakesh, 2016.  After some initial updates , it is not updated anymore, and work continued in other co-operations and studies. Like a paper published in Buildings and Cities. ( see news)

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NEWS: in advance of the SBE19 conference in Graz, there will be a two day workshop on the carbon budget topic. https://www.tugraz.at/events/sbe19/home/

<800 Gt CO2-e

is the maximum global CO2 budget left to stay below 2 degrees of Global Warming   (>> background and >>countdown clock )

CHANGE: recently there are new detailed calculations available  on the total budget (2018). See chapter 1.1  (these have not yet been implemented in this research) 

What are the consequences for buildings, the built environment and their inhabitants?   Central question is what can be done and for how, long with a (partial) CO2 budget for the built environment? Providing

a collection of expert views and explorations,
into different sectors of the built environment.(>>see chapters , right column)

Its an initiative from academics united under the NGO iiSBE:
international initiative Sustainable Built Environment. (>> About)

You will find an introduction explaining the Carbon Budget, a introduction explaining the starting points for the explorations, as well as the essays written by experts/academics. (Chapter 3)

There is a separate conclusion sector, that will draw conclusions from the growing amount of input.

carbon budgets explored